Self-Fit DIY Garage Doors

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By choosing to fit our top quality pre-installed garage doors yourself you're going to save money. Our doors are fully assembled in our factory and delivered in one piece so that fitting them is easy. Anyone with a little bit of DIY experience will be able to install the doors and only minimal equipment is required. Save money with our DIY garage doors

If you're working to a very strict budget and you have a little bit of DIY know-how, then our easy self-fit garage doors are the perfect solution. It's a simple way for you to reduce your costs and yet still receive the same top quality product. Bespoke garage doors at a reduced price

Fitting is easy. Simply stand the door against the walls and fix securely to the walls, using a hammer action drill / driver. You'll be able to do this in 15 minutes or less. We'll give you an installation guide so you know exactly where to place it but, if you need any further advice, our experienced team is always happy to help.

Visit our dedicated DIY Garage Door website for futher details and to obtain an instant quote.

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